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Elsoms work with Gautier Semences to provide you with outstanding outdoor lettuce varieties.

  • A great range of lettuce varieties

    A great range of lettuce varieties

Gautier’s focus is to produce high yielding and resistant varieties of produce which meets the high expectations of both the retailer and the end-consumer.

That’s why we offer lettuce varieties from Gauleiter which are high yielding, with extended resistance to diseases. The flavours are fantastic, without sacrificing factors like shelf life, colouration and homogeneity.

We’re pleased to provide a variety of lettuces of various tastes, textures and colours. Products in our range are suitable for production at different times of the year and for the fresh and processing industries.

Our extensive knowledge of seed treatments allows your crops to get the best possible start, whether that’s boosting their performance in difficult conditions or controlling diseases and pests at an early stage.

Our lettuces have benefited from recent breakthroughs in Bremia resistances. Additionally, they have varying resistance levels to currant-lettuce aphids and lettuce mosaic virus.

Elsoms are committed to supplying you with the best varieties that will meet your needs. For more information on our lettuce products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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