Parsnip Seeds

We’re proud to breed our own parsnip varieties at our state of the art facilities.

  • Parsnip varieties bred by Elsoms

    Parsnip varieties bred by Elsoms

With a sweet and nutty flavour and a high nutritional value, parsnips belong in the same family as carrots, and are grown in similar conditions.

Significant investment in our laboratory and glasshouse facilities means we are well-placed to carry out innovative breeding and seed production work. In our laboratory, we have growing room and clean room facilities for tissue and anther culture, and we carry out a range of seed and plant disease testing.

Outside of the lab, our range of insect proof glasshouses and polythene tunnels means we’re able to produce and maintain seed stocks and ensure the purity of lines. 

In addition to the breeding and production of parsnip seeds, our in-house seed treatment facilities allow us to offer parsnip seed in a variety of forms:

  • Non-chemically treated/organic
  • Filmcoated (Wakil XL, Force ST)
  • Micropilled Topkote (Pellets)

All of our seed is primed as standard, which can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Priming results in more uniform germination
  • Priming leads to quicker germination
  • It can assist your weed control strategy
  • Priming can increase the proportion of roots in your required size grade

Our 30 years in the seed treatment industry, coupled with our advanced breeding and production methods, means that our wide range of parsnip varieties is truly top quality.

As well as producing top-quality parsnip varieties at our head office site in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK, we also conduct extensive screening and selection trials in all major production areas of the country.

We’d be happy to discuss how we could help you further – contact us on 01775 715000.

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