Herb Seeds

Elsoms provide a range of premium quality specialist herb seeds.

Herbs have been a versatile essential to dishes for centuries, adding taste, texture and colour to dishes.  They’re grown both under the cover of polytunnels or greenhouses or in open fields. Across UK trade, they are used in diverse areas, whether that’s the fresh sector, for oil production or for freezing and drying in the processing industry.

The quality of your product is our paramount concern, and we work hard to ensure your crops are as profitable as they can be. Our herb seeds are bred specially for leaf production, meaning you’re left with as much high-quality produce as possible.

Additionally, we have over thirty years’ experience in the treatment of seeds, and we’re able to apply seed treatments to many herb seeds to control against diseases and pests, giving your crops the best possible start.

Whatever sector you’re in, you can rest assured that the product you’re getting is of the highest quality.

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