We provide a great range of celery varieties at Elsoms. Celery is a vegetable high in beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber. It’s also got fantastic anti-inflammatory qualities, and with very low calories per serving, it’s an extremely healthy vegetable. Within our range, the Tango, Jive and Plato varieties are suitable for spring, summer and autumn cropping, making celery a great versatile vegetable. Many varieties are suitable for different industries, whether that’s market, sticks or heart production. Our Tango variety is highly productive: it’s self-blanching and has great bolting resistance as well as resistance to black heart. The Jive celery is similarly bolt tolerant, and has no stringiness – just a great crunch and juiciness. Take into account the astounding taste of the Plato variety, and Elsoms truly do offer a fantastic selection of celery. Contact us for further information on any of our celery varieties, or browse our range of more diverse vegetables.

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