Diverse Salad Crops

We’re proud to continually expand our range of salads and diverse crops. This includes celeriac, fennel and a wide portfolio of lettuce varieties.

  • A great selection of Salad products available

    A great selection of Salad products available

Bejo Zaden are constantly honing their seeds to be healthier, increasingly resistant to disease and capable of producing a higher yield. Around 40 new vegetable varieties are produced each year by their specialist breeding and selection team, which has particular expertise in celery, fennel and radish.

Bejo are world leaders in radicchio breeding. They offer a range of varieties of this colourful vegetable, which adds vibrancy and zest to many dishes.

Additionally, the Bejo asparagus programme now includes some new and exciting hybrids. These have excellent taste quality and yield.

We are also pleased to work with the family-owned and independent French company Gautier Semences. Elsoms offer a range of resistant varieties of lettuce from Gautier.

Salad and diverse crops feature in our trials. Visitors are welcome to observe the effects of different variants such as sowing rates and chemical treatments, or just to learn a bit more about our new species and varieties.

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