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Elsoms have a superb range of carrots bred by Bejo Zaden, world leaders in biennial crop breeding and seed production.

  • Elsoms has a superb range of root crops available

    Elsoms has a superb range of root crops available

  • Rainbow carrot variety

    Rainbow carrot variety

The carrot crop is biennial, which refers to a crop with a two-year biological cycle. In the first growing season, the root structure of the carrot will be established, with plant growth completed in the second season.

Bejo’s global breeding programme focuses on the post-processing yield, internal colour flavour and nutritional contents, and all of our carrot varieties are trialled and tested in UK conditions over a number of years. This ensures that we only provide you with the varieties most suited to your local circumstances and specific requirements.

We are excited to offer an extended range of carrots, which is based on findings by our dedicated research and development team and our crop trials.

From fresh bunching and smooth looking carrots, to coloured carrots and chantenay carrots, our range provides solutions for the fresh market and the processing industries.

Elsoms also provide several organic options. Bejo Zaden are market leaders in organic seed of biennial vegetable varieties, which are only produced in the most appropriate climactic conditions.

Our dedicated UK trials network runs root crop trials every year which regularly produce new and interesting varieties – to visit us at a trial, please contact us.

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