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Elsoms has a superb range of carrots, bred by Bejo Zaden, and parsnips, developed from our own breeding programme. Bejo Zaden are world leaders in biennial crop breeding and seed production. We are extending our range of carrots and parsnips based on our own research and dedicated UK trials network. We conduct extensive root crop trials each year. To visit our trials please contact us.

  • Elsoms has a superb range of root crops available

    Elsoms has a superb range of root crops available

  • Rainbow carrot variety

    Rainbow carrot variety


We are delighted to market and distribute Bejo Zaden's market leading range of carrot varieties in the UK.  We work particularly closely with Bejo, ones of the world's leading vegetable breeders and seed producer, to develop these varieties.  All of our carrot varieties are trialled and tested in UK conditions over a number of years, to ensure we select the varieties most suited to your local circumstances and requirements.

We supply the following types of carrot:

Nantes Carrots

Varieties: Nominator, Norwich, Norfolk, Nairobi, Natuna, Miami, Nipomo, Nerac, Newcastle and Nigel.

We also have interesting new varieties coming through trialling all the time, please contact us on 01775 715000 for details.

Coloured Carrots

Varieties: White Satin, Yellowstone, Purple Haze, Purple Sun, Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Processing (Berlicum/Flakee) Carrots

Bangor, Blanes and Bastia.

Chantenay Carrots: Chantenay Red Cored

Bunching Carrots: Mokum and Napoli

Imperator Carrots: Ibiza

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