We provide a good range of Swede seeds, some of which are proudly produced as part of our own breeding program. Unlike most brassicas such as broccoli or cabbage, it’s the root of the swede crop which we eat. They provide a mild flavour and are a popular winter vegetable. All of our swede seeds are produced to have optimum taste and flesh qualities, leaving you with top-quality produce. Our Tweed variety is the result of our own breeding program, and is the leading hybrid Swede. It’s a larger variety than the Helenor, but despite its size maintains a good shape. Helenor is a deeply coloured Swede which has a consistent globe shape and is suitable for maincrop production. We also breed the Emily variety, which is particularly winter-hardy, and are now proud to provide seeds for the Esk variety. Contact us for further information - we’re happy to offer any help or advice on choosing the right variety or seed treatment.

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