Sprouting Broccoli

Our selection of broccoli includes market leaders and seeds developed under our own specialist breeding programme. High in vitamins C and A and containing lots of fiber, broccoli is an ever-popular member of the brassica family. Market-leading favourites such as the Santee variety can be harvested over a long period of time – from June to November, they’re perfect for summer or autumn harvesting. Like the Rioja and Mendocino varieties, Sandee seeds deliver consistent quality in the early maincrop period. At Elsoms, we’re proud to offer our own hybrid varieties of broccoli, which are bred by our in-house specialists. The purple-sprouting Claret variety is full of flavour, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality of appearance either. Even on poor soils, it’s a variety which performs well. In the White/Gold category, our hybrid Burbank variety similarly offers a high yield and great tasting, succulent spears.

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