Pointed Cabbage

Sometimes known as sweetheart cabbage, pointed cabbage is so-called because it has a pointed head. The leaves tend to be more open than on a green cabbage, it has a sweeter taste, and is similarly nutritious – it’s high in vitamins A and C. Whereas green cabbages are normally supplied to the fresh and processing markets, pointed cabbages are more likely to go to the fresh market. They grow well in a range of UK soils, as long as there’s good drainage. Normally, they’re raised in modules before being planted between February and July for harvesting from the end of May. We offer a range of pointed cabbages. Our leafy green pointed cabbage is the Sparkel F1 variety, which will return you high yields and is suitable for the pre-pack, fresh and processing industries. Our pointed Caraflex F1 cabbage seeds grow into cabbages of an attractive shape and mature 75 days after planting. We’re also pleased to offer dual purpose pointed cabbages. For more information on how best to grow cabbages, our cabbage growing guide contains more detail. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide any advice.

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