Kohl Rabi

Not the most commonly grown vegetable in the UK, Kohlrabi is nonetheless a versatile crop in the same family as – and with a similar taste and texture to - broccoli and cabbage. Kohlrabi is a biennial crop that’s grown in loamy moist soils and harvested between June and September. Grown primarily for the fresh market, the edible part of kohlrabi is the swollen stem which sits just above ground level. It’s a vegetable which can be eaten raw or cooked. We provide two varieties of kohlrabi – purple and white. The purple Kolibiri variety is a hardier crop which can be left in the ground for longer, whilst the white-skinned Korist variety is suitable for forcing. It’s a crop that can suffer from pests such as Cabbage White, so get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss our seed treatment options.

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