Green Cabbage

Cabbage is a biannual crop with robust seeds that germinate well. High in vitamins C and K, cabbages are defined by when they’re ready to harvest, and we offer autumn/winter cabbages and summer cabbages. Winter cabbages are a key part of the supply of fresh greens in the winter months, and are obviously hardy enough to be grown through the winter period. The Deadon cabbage variety is a hybrid of the January King, and is a significantly hardy vegetable. Its leaves have a lush, dark green colour, and this colour can be increased if the cabbage’s growing conditions are stressed. A prime example of the hardiness of the cabbage is the Stanton variety. It’s very tolerant of cold and has excellent standing ability, and reaches maturity 130 days after transplanting. Among our summer cabbages, we’re pleased to provide two organic varieties. For a vigorous cabbage, the Amazon is a perfect choice, whilst if a close-spaced crop suits your needs, the Drago variety represents a great choice.

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