Elsoms provide a fantastic range of broccoli varieties. Broccoli is full of health benefits and remains a popular vegetable: it’s high in vitamin C, as well as in glucosinolate and folate. It’s similar in taste and nutrition to purple sprouting broccoli. It’s grown mostly for the fresh market, although some are grown for processing. It can’t be stored for long in warm conditions unless it’s cooled immediately, so it tends to be supplied straight to the customer. Broccoli has shallow roots, so it’s important that the soil it’s grown in has a good structure. The Elsoms range has some great varieties. We have two organic options, the Belstar and Fiesta, which take 70 and 80 days respectively from transplant to maturity. The Covina variety is harvested between July and November, with the relatively recent addition to Elsoms, the Delano, a later maturing option. Our broccoli growing guide has further information on growing, post-harvest treatment and fertiliser use.

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