Allium Vegetable Supplier

Elsoms have an excellent range of Allium species from the Bejo/De Groot en Slot breeding partnership.

  • Excellent range of Allium species available

    Excellent range of Allium species available

  • Excellent range of Leek varieties available

    Excellent range of Leek varieties available

For over 60 years, this partnership has specialised in the development and production of allium seeds, and they are active in markets across the globe.

The onion range continues to expand across varieties of shallots, leeks, salad and bulb onions.

Our range also includes onion sets produced under the Bejo/De Groot en Slot partnership’s continuous breeding programme. These specialist producers operate under exacting Quality Inside guidelines, ensuring that the product is strictly controlled and healthy.

Allium seed is graded for precision sowing, and is treated with fungicide for the control of damping off disease.

Damping off disease is common, soil-borne fungi which can destroy seedlings before they have flourished. Pre-treatment is essential as once it’s started, it’s difficult to reverse.

Bulb onion seed is also treated with Thiabendazole for the control of neck rot, which can occur after the onions have been in storage for several weeks. 

To avoid the damage that can be done by the Bean Seed Fly and Onion Fly, we can apply Force ST according to the SOLA upon request.

For seed treatment against White Rot, UK 226 is available upon request.

Selected varieties are also pelleted – contact us for the latest information, or click here for more information about onions.

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