Vegetable Seed

Elsoms Seeds are the leading suppliers of quality vegetable seeds in the UK. We work closely with our suppliers, particularly Bejo Zaden of Warmenhuizen in Holland in order to trial, test and select the most suitable varieties for production in the UK.

Bejo's extensive portfolio of vegetable varieties is backed up by Elsoms seed treatment activities, excellent service supply record and nationwide technical back-up from very experienced staff. Bejo also have a very large range of organic varieties which we are pleased to offer, over 130 varieties in 30 species.

We also supply vegetable seeds from a range of other companies, including legumes from Holland Select and lettuce from Gautier. We are also able to source a wide range of other material. If there is something else you would like then please let us know.

Elsoms have their own plant breeding team who focus on a small range of more traditional British crops such Parsnips and Swede; we also have joint plant breeding programmes with Bejo in Sprouting Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts.

We carry out a large number of trials every year across the country, for a wide range of crops, both for more confidential research, or for general viewing by growers. If there is something that you would like to see in your region then please contact us.

Elsoms are committed to supplying you, the grower with the best varieties to meet your specific needs.

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