Processes and Products

Seed treatment provides protection against seed and soil borne diseases and pests from the earliest stage of development. These key seed technologies play a significant role in obtaining the best start for your crops. We work closely with INCOTEC BV International to develop new technologies and maintain high seed performance.

  • Priming


  • Film coating

    Film coating

  • Pelleting


  • Micro pilling

    Micro pilling

Elsoms offer an extensive range of products and processes; please contact a member of the team to discuss a package tailored to your specific requirements.

Our seed treatment options include:


  • Increasing the speed of germination – A faster emergence can give a wide range of benefits.
  • Uniform germination and establishment – Creating a more uniform crop.
  • Better crop stands – Optimising marketable yield.

Film coating

  • High quality film coating to flow easily through machinery – Easy uniform drilling.
  • Easily visible colour coded seed – Easy to see in the soil.
  • Accurate application of PPPs* – An efficient and environmentally friendly way of aiding seedling growth.
  • Virtually dust free, smooth coating – Safer for the environment and the user.

Micro pelleting

  • Part way between a film coat and a pellet – More regular seed shape with the minimum amount of fillers, and easier to drill than film coated seeds.


  • Increases the size, weight and uniformity of the seed – Maximises planting efficiency.
  • An ideal way of loading PPPs* and their active ingredients onto seed – Key part of improving crop establishment.

Cleaning and grading

  • Cleaner, healthier seed – Better emergence in the field.
  • Uniform size and better seed drill performance – More even spacing in the field.


  • Can remove germination inhibitors from the seed – Facilitating germination.
  • Penetrates deep into the seed coat – Removes some seed borne pathogens.

*PPP: Plant Protection Product



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