UK Growers Benefit from German Turbo Power

Hybrid Rye has attracted a lot of interest over recent months and the first results from UK grown commercial crops and trials are now coming in, with Turbo Hybrid SU DRIVE performing excellently compared to alternative varieties.

“Turbo Hybrid SU DRIVE has performed excellently in the UK” says Elsoms, Heather Ayre. “Tim Merry of JV Farming Ltd has been very impressed with SU Drives capabilities; achieving the highest yield on farm (41.57t/ha). Even higher yields have been reported in some parts of the UK, with one grower stating that he cut his first field of SU Drive and accomplished 54t/ha” commented Heather.

“One of the keys to SU DRIVES success is its Turbo technology” says Heather. “The secret to yield in rye is plenty of pollen, but breeding for high pollination introduces yield drag. So Saaten Union focus on yield, and the seed a grower receives contains 10% pollen production, thus resulting in extra heterosis” she added. “Our Hybrid rye demonstration plots at Cereals attracted a lot of attention” commented Heather. “Farmers are drawn by its excellent potential as an Energy crop combined with its ability to suppress blackgrass, and perform well on poor soils,” she concluded.

“In 2013 we saw a large demand from first time growers of the crop” said Bob Miles, Elsoms Agricultural Director. “Turbo Hybrid SU DRIVE had an excellent pedigree of yield, disease resistance and standing power from Germany and we are delighted that it has delivered for our growers in the UK” he added. “In an independent trial SU DRIVE has been the pick of the varieties,” said Bob. “Compared to other mainstream varieties in the trade SU DRIVE produced a denser, cleaner crop, and clearly demonstrated its superior standing power” he observed.

Following the strong demand and huge interest this Spring Elsoms and Saaten Union have significantly increased the availability for the Autumn to meet the increased demand.

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