Specialist Advice on New Seed & Grain Treatments

Elsoms have seen very strong interest in new seed treatments, GeniusCoat™ & ThermoSeed™, following the announcement of their lauch at Cereals 2014. As well as Elsoms own specialist seed treatment team of Rae Cook, George Coopland and Amy Reid; product specialists Willem Fijma and Liv Akerblom-Espeby from Incotec will be available on the stand to discuss the new treatments in detail.

At Cereals 2014, Elsoms and Incotec are launching the innovative new seed treatment, GeniusCoat™,” alongside exciting seed & grain sterilising service, ThermoSeed™. In the absence of neonicotinoide seed treatments and the continued reduction in approved agrochemicals, both provide an innovative new way of improving plant performance through improving seed and root quality.

GeniusCoat™ is a well-balanced novel blend of specific humic and fulvic acids incorporated in a specially developed film coat formulation for use on cereals. The balanced level of humic substances enhances crop nutrition by influencing the water-retaining capacity of the soil and stimulating root development, which potentially increases yield.  www.incotec.com/nl/en/2-294/incotec-announces-breakthrough-with-new-yield-accelerator.html

ThermoSeed™, is a unique, innovative treatment for effective control of seed-borne pathogens by the use of hot humid air. Originaly developed in Sweden, the  concept has been refined, tested and applied by Incotec to deliver a process that adds significant value to both seed and grain. Extensivley trialed in 2012 and 2013 the process has, as  result, proved its value in both exceptionaly good and bad years for seed and grain quality. ThermoSeed™, treated seed has shown significantly enhanced seed vigour, as well as root and plant development resulting in improved field emergence, crop density and yield. In terms of grain quality the ability to effectively “sterlise” the grain being treated attracted a lot positive interest.  www.incotec.com/nl/en/3-107/thermoseed.html

Elsoms has worked closely with Incotec to succesfully develop a market leading specialist seed treatment and services business, with new “state of the art” filmcoating equipment being installed by Elsoms in  2012. Elsoms ability to supply sophisticated seed treatments to small batches of seed, combined with market leading “priming” service has proved very attractive to farmers and growers and in 2013 Elsoms and Incotec announced their intention to work closer together to develop their joint business.    www.elsoms.com/news/view/incotec-and-elsoms-further-reinforce-their-relationship

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