Seed treatment update - Elsoms invest in latest seed treatment technology

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Elsoms Invest in Latest Seed Treatment Technology

Elsoms are set to invest nearly €1 million in the latest seed technology equipment which will be installed at their site in Spalding. The  installation of  two new Rotary Drier Coater machines (RDC’s) which are being manufactured by Seed Processing Holland will enable Elsoms to increase production capacity and improve the efficiency of  treating  seed and offer  vegetable growers a better quality finished product.
“The investment in new seed treatment technology shows our commitment to quality and support for UK growers, providing the best quality seed treatment products and application methods available” says Rae Cook, Elsoms Seed Technology Manager. Whilst the equipment is primarily targeted at applying products to vegetable seeds, Elsoms will be exploring opportunities in the agricultural sector, particularly higher value crops such as, for example, oil seed rape.
The new RDC’s will allow Elsoms to provide an even greater level of chemical application accuracy than ever before and will allow them to respond quickly to growers demands in the future.
“We hope to have the new machinery in place for the end of December and have already carried out a substantial amount of preparatory work in the seed processing department.” Said Cook ‘’Elsoms are delighted to be involved in the European Seed Treatment Association initiative which has standards  linked to application technologies and  fully trained  operators and we are convinced that with this investment   we can provide a first class service  for our customers.”
Elsoms new equipment was developed by Seed Processing Holland in collaboration with Incotec Europe BV and has the ability to process as much as 500kg of vegetable seed per hour. This investment is further evidence of the strength of the excellent relationship between Elsoms and Incotec.
Robin Wood, Managing Director of Elsoms said that ‘’This purchase of our new seed treating equipment runs parallel to our other recent major investments particularly in vegetable plant breeding and glasshouse facilities and shows that we are determined to remain at the forefront of the UK  industry’’.

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