Elsoms newly qualified seed analyst completes fully qualified laboratory team

After 18 months of intensive study, Margaret Hoyle, a member of the Elsoms seed testing laboratory team, was delighted to hear that she has achieved the nationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in Seed Analysis to become a fully qualified seed analyst.

  • Margaret Hoyle, Elsoms' newly qualified seed analyst

    Margaret Hoyle, Elsoms' newly qualified seed analyst

The course is delivered by NIAB, a plant research organisation based in Cambridge.  The qualification involves over 12 months of comprehensive online study followed by a four-day in-depth training course, culminating in a three-hour examination.   Margaret is the latest member of the Elsoms seed testing lab to become qualified, meaning that all of our analysts are fully qualified to carry out a range of different analysis techniques, interpret the results and make recommendations.

Rae Cook, Head of Seed treatment at Elsoms said:
“Quality is a vital element of our service so it is important that every member of our team is an expert in their field.  All the seed entering our site is subject to stringent quality control procedures of which seed testing is a significant part. The seed testing facility enables us to have total confidence that we are supplying the best seed to our customers.  We are extremely proud of the excellent work that all our seed analysts carry out and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that Margaret put into achieving this qualification.”

Tests carried out in the seed testing laboratory include germination, purity, moisture, conductivity, controlled deterioration and priming calibration tests.  All seed batches are tested on arrival, after any seed treatment process and prior to leaving the site.  In addition, seed may be subject to further testing to determine the exact treatment required, as in the case of priming calibration tests.  The continuous monitoring ensures that improvements can be made at each stage, if required.

This stringent testing, along with our use of the latest in seed technology carried out by fully qualified seed analysts, ensures that we bring our customers the highest quality seed products, securing the best start for their crops.

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