New Winter Oil Seed Rape for 2013

New for 2013, Trinity winter oilseed rape provides consistent yields on a par with the best hybrids combined with a robust all-round agronomic package and resistance to verticillium wilt. Trinity was launched at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University in May 2013 and the presentations from this event can be downloaded from this page, providing a detailed description of Trinity and how it compares to a wide range of other varieties currently available.

As growers and agronomists anticipate a second year of decidedly “variable” OSR yields, many have been looking towards new OP varieties, such as Trinity from Elsoms, as a solution to achieving the high returns potentially available from growing OSR. Reflecting at the Cereals event in June, where Trinity was prominently on display, Mark Nightingale, Elsoms OSR Breeder, commented that, “we were inundated with requests for information about the variety. Rape crops have suffered badly as a result of the very wet winter and cold spring conditions this year, and after the bad summer last year, farmers and agronomists have found Trinity’s robust high performance character a real attraction.”

Unlike recent popular OP varieties, Trinity yields in HGCA trials are comparable with leading hybrid varieties. Elsoms believe the key to this level of performance is its aggressive and durable growth habit. “As a result of good early vigour and robust winter hardiness, Trinity typically comes through the winter in good shape when it then responds rapidly to the onset of spring, producing early strong initial vegetative growth, unlike the more prostrate hybrid types that can take a while to resume growing leaving them in danger of  continued pigeon damage” said Mark. “This early vegetative growth makes a key contribution to producing the characteristic high yield  which Trinity has a good record for delivering and when this is combined with  good scores for earliness of maturity, ease of harvesting, shortness of straw, lodging and stem stiffness, you can see why we are having a lot interest in the variety” he Mark.

Working as part of the SWO European OSR breeding programme Mark has access to a powerful network of plant breeding stations that allow him to select promising varieties which are then trialled across sites in the UK. “We have worked very hard to select varieties that combine high yield performance with a good all round disease resistance and an agronomic package to cope with the varied and challenging conditions we get in the UK” commented Mark. “Very good progress has been made in developing strong resistance to light leaf spot, and canker, which we have been able to incorporate into Trinity, but we are particularly excited by the fact that Trinity is the first of our commercial varieties to show strong resistance to Verticillium Wilt which has been “passed on” from one of its Swedish parents,” Mark explained.


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