Meet the Breeder at Cereals 2014 - Stephen Smith

Following the launch of Elsoms Wheat Ltd in August 2013, wheat breeder Stephen Smith has overseen a dramatic increase in his breeding programme with a record number of new lines being entered into UK National List Trials in order to provide UK wheat farmers with a more regular supply of improved varieties. Stephen will be available on the Elsoms stand on both days at Cereals 2014 to discuss the range of promising new varieties being developed specifically for the UK market.

Elsoms Wheat Ltd is a joint venture formed by Elsoms Seeds, Nordsaat and Saaten Union Recherché. The new business will see a major increase in investment into wheat breeding at Elsoms Plant Breeding station at Spalding Lincolnshire, putting it in the top league of wheat breeding programmes in the UK, with a budget, genetics and technologies to compete with the leading multinational companies working in the UK.

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