Incotec and Elsoms further reinforce their relationship

On 14th February 2013, INCOTEC Europe B.V. (INCOTEC) and ELSOMS Seeds Ltd (Elsoms) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), the next step in intensifying the collaboration between both companies.

Under this LOI, INCOTEC and Elsoms will further reinforce and expand their cooperation by promotion, marketing and sales of additional seed treatment and seed enhancement services, such as priming and disinfection, in the United Kingdom. The enhancements are not restricted to just vegetables; opportunities in arable and ornamental crops will also be explored.Elsoms recognizes the added value of INCOTEC’s product portfolio and foresees further growth in these products in the United Kingdom. Recent investments in seed treatment equipment at Elsoms confirm this vision and stresses their desire for further expansion of their seed enhancement activities. Elsoms continue to be a very loyal partner to INCOTEC and for over 6 years they have pelleted and treated seeds for carrot, onion and parsnip, based on an INCOTEC license for the UK market.

Erika den Daas, general manager INCOTEC Europe B.V. for vegetables and ornamentals: “Elsoms has been a very valuable partner over the years and we consider this LOI as the next step in our relationship. We are looking forward to further expanding our business in the UK together”

Robin Wood, Elsoms Managing director states that “We have a real desire to invest in our seed treatment activities for the UK market place so that our clients are best placed to be able to reap the benefits of these technologies. We have an excellent working relationship with Incotec, and are delighted with the LOI because we see them as a great long term partner in seed enhancements, and look forward to developing this business in the UK.

INCOTEC® was founded in 1968 and has been an independent company since 2002. INCOTEC's Coating and Seed Technology Companies around the world provide products and services for seed coating, pelleting, seed enhancement and analytical services for genetic analysis and quality inspection. INCOTEC Group contributes significantly to the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide by providing key solutions in the four business areas, vegetables, field crops, ornamentals and analytical services. INCOTEC’s head quarters are in the Netherlands and there are INCOTEC facilities in the USA, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia, China and South Africa. For more information go to


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