HGCA recommends Elsoms’ Trinity

Independent UK based plant breeder Elsoms Seeds is delighted with the announcement from HGCA to add “Trinity”, which is a very high yielding conventional winter OSR to the new recommended list for the East / West Region for 2014/15. Trinity was launched at Cambridge University in May and is the first variety to reach the market from the joint European OSR breeding programme, SWO, formed by Elsoms in 2009 with fellow breeders, Florimond Desprez, and SW Lantmannen.

“Trinity has attracted a lot of interest over the summer from farmers, agronomists and merchants,” said Elsoms Director, Bob Miles. “It was clear at Cereals that growers had noted previous years high yields and  as soon as the 2013 HGCA results showed Trinity topping the list for the year, we were inundated with orders as people realised that Trinity really is a very good variety,” commented Bob.

Mark Nightingale, Elsoms OSR breeder, has played a key role in the development of Trinity. “Trinity stood out very early on as being a special variety with its combination of very high yield and robust agronomic and disease resistance characters, especially to verticillium wilt,” said Mark. “Very vigorous conventional varieties such as Trinity can produce outstanding results  in the UK’s unique maritime climate,” commented Mark, “which is why we continue to develop conventional varieties through our UK testing programme to compliment the impressive hybrids just entering trials. ” added Mark.

“Trinity is an impressively robust high performing all-rounder,” said Adrian Hayler, Elsoms Sales Manager. “It has a very high gross output (104), good resistance to Light leaf spot (5) and stem canker (6). It has short (7), stiff (8) stems that produce excellent resistance to lodging (8) combined with competitive rankings for earliness of  maturity (5) and flowering (6),” added Adrian. “Unlike many high yielding varieties, Trinity doesn’t have an obvious weakness, e.g. to stem canker, and this has proved to be very attractive to farmers,” continued Adrian.

“I am frequently asked where Trinity gets its stunning yield from !” said Mark Nightingale. “The key is that it is a VERY vigorous variety which establishes quickly and then responds rapidly to the onset of spring. Farmers often think that only hybrid varieties have strong vigour but this is not the case, “added Mark.

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