German Snow (Flake Spring Oat) Returns to Essex !

Despite the plentiful supply of seed this spring some growers have been so impressed by the imported varieties they grew last year that they have decided to stay with them rather than reverting to the more mainstream varieties found on the HGCA Recommended and descriptive lists. One such example is Flocke Spring Oats , marketed in the UK by Elsoms Seeds Ltd.

  • Flocke Panicle

    Flocke Panicle

“In 2013 we saw a high demand for spring cereals resulting in us importing a significant amount of Flocke (Snow Flake) spring oats from private German Plant  Breeder, Dr Berthold Alter,” said Elsoms Sales Manager Adrian Hayler. “Berthold is a specialist Oat breeder and has worked with German end users to develop a high quality, agronomically robust oat. Flocke is a variety that produces a high yield of oats that when processed produces an excellent flake,” said Adrian.

“Flocke was grown successfully in the UK from Sussex to Northumberland and from Essex to the Isle of Man and Ireland,” commented Bob Miles, Elsoms Agricultural Director. “Despite the fact that growers were very pleased with the variety in terms of its agronomy output and marketability we had to be realistic in expecting mainstream varieties to  satisfy the more normal demand for spring oats this year” he added.

“We realised that Flocke had done well when despite the fact that many farmers have struggled to market their oats this year, Flocke has sold well,” said Adrian. “With the weather now drying up and farmers looking again at their spring cropping plans we have just received our first re-order for Flocke from the group of Essex farmers who grew the variety last year,” he added. “Flocke seed is at a premium, but when compared with home grown varieties its performance in the field has persuaded growers to stay with the variety,” said Adrian.

“As a private breeder I have concentrated on producing a high quality spring oat and am delighted by the way Flocke has performed in the UK last year year,” declared Dr Alter. “Although not in official UK trials the performance of Flocke on farms across the UK, Scandinavia and Germany demonstrates its excellent pedigree. Demand for Flocke is strong in Germany but we can still allocate seed to the UK if there is demand from growers” he added.

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