Fruit Logistica 2013

Be inspired by Bejo - Visit Bejo and representatives from Elsoms at Hall 1.2, Stand B-17, everyday from 9am to 6pm.

Be inspired by Bejo at Fruit Logistica

At Fruit Logistica, breeding company Bejo Zaden will be presenting two unique cabbage concepts. The leading international vegetable seed breeding company will also be placing purple sprouting broccoli, snack carrots and shallots firmly in the limelight. These concepts and crops are Bejo Zaden’s response to the growing demand for tasty and healthy vegetables that are convenient and easy to prepare.

Introducing cabbage concepts
Bejo is introducing the ‘Coolwrap’; a square cabbage leaf from especially selected flat white cabbage with a mild flavor. This leaf can be used as a wrap, for sushi or as part of a healthy sandwich. Another concept is ‘Léttage’. This name stands for various cabbage varieties with a mild, sweet taste. Cabbage stays crispy and fresh longer than lettuce and has a higher nutritional value. This makes Léttage exceptionally suitable as a lettuce substitute in healthy, tasty salads. At Fruit Logistica, our chef will prepare small bites of Coolwrap and Léttage so visitors can see and taste these products.

Innovation Award nominee present again
You will again be able to see our unique crop purple sprouting broccoli. Last year it was nominated for the Innovation Award 2012. Purple sprouting broccoli has a great taste and special appearance. Thanks to the high content of naturally occurring glucosinolate compounds, purple sprouting broccoli is extremely healthy too.

Snack carrots tasty, healthy and treat for the eye
The demand for healthy snacks is increasing. Carrots make a healthy and tasty snack. Bejo will be displaying varieties in this segment that can make a difference due to their colour and flavour. Bejo’s varieties Rainbow, Ibiza, Nerja, Mokum and Namdal have been specially selected because they have these qualities.

Shallots from seed are a healthy propagating material
Shallots have a refined taste and add flavour to many dishes. In France, shallots already enjoy the status of a much used high-quality ingredient. In other countries, there are plenty of opportunities for growth in the shallot segment. With Bejo’s seed shallot varieties, growers are provided with a healthy propagating material. Bejo’s seed shallots can officially be marketed under the name shallot anywhere in Europe.

Bejo is also a trendsetter in seeds for the organic sector. For all concepts and varieties there is organic seed available. Bejo invites you to visit the stand, see the concepts and crops and taste these vegetables with delicious bites prepared on the spot. And of course, we will be happy to discuss our products with you.
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Visit Bejo at Fruit Logistica, Berlin! 6/8 February 2013, hall1.2, stand B-17.

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