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Elsoms are the UK’s leading independent seed and plant breeding business. A culture of investment, passion, expertise and integrity has ensured that the company continues to adapt and fulfil the changing demand of its customers, suppliers and partners.
As part of our continued growth, investment in staff is key to our success. As a consequence of this we are advertising for two horticultural trial apprentice assistants to be a part of our team at Elsoms. We believe investing in this apprentice scheme allows the opportunity to train new staff with a strong interest in the horticultural industry in various disciplines that could both benefit Elsoms and the appointed personnel in the future.
‘We are very keen to attract new entrants who wish to make a career in the seed industry and be a part of our team at Elsoms” said Robin Wood, Managing Director Elsoms Seeds.

How the apprentice scheme could benefit you

As well as gaining an industry recognised qualification, you’ll complete high quality work experience and benefit from specific industry training. You’ll also grow a network of professional contacts and gain invaluable experience in this sector by working as part of a specialist and committed team. Elsoms are extremely committed to apprenticeships and trainee schemes and look forward to providing many new opportunities across a variety of areas within the business.
“Many of the staff skills we have at Elsoms in plant breeding, seed production and trials are extremely specialised. We are keen to ensure we maintain this expertise within our team while at the same time passing the knowledge on to a new generation.” Sue Kennedy, Head of breeding, Elsoms Seeds Ltd.
Elsoms are working alongside the University of Lincoln, Holbeach Academy to find the right candidates for these roles and all applications should be made directly to them.
Discover further information about the apprentice scheme currently available at Elsoms Seeds by contacting Tasmin Cunningham tasmin.cunningham@universityacademyholbeach.org

Further details can also be found at: www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/547796

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