Elsoms brings high yielding dual-purpose maize varieties to the UK

As established plant breeders, seed treatment specialists and seed suppliers to the UK market, we are always searching for, and trialling, new varieties that can offer high yields in UK conditions. Together with other UK research establishments and our European breeders, SAATEN UNION and Caussade Semences, we have run a series of UK maize trials over recent years featuring particularly strong European varieties. These have highlighted a selected range of high-yielding varieties extremely well suited to UK conditions that we are now supplying to our UK growers.

The full range of new varieties along with their specific features and benefits can be found in the maize brochure below.

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Early Varieties

Early varieties suit cooler conditions or lower heat unit sites.


• Excellent early vigour (7.7) for good establishment
• Leading yield for it’s maturity
• High digestibility
• Productive starch yield (5.43t/ha)
• Ideal for finishing beef cattle
• Consistency well suited to biogas

The SAATEN UNION range of maize from Elsoms has been revived and has brought new flexibility to the market place. The new SURIGA tops the group 8’s with leading dry matter yield and impressive cob formation”  Craig Green, Agronomist and Seed Sales Coordinator, Agrovista.


Early variety with good standing ability and reliable disease resistance. FAO 180


Very high dry matter variety, superb performance in independent trials and on farm. FAO 200.

“We included EURYTMI CS in our trials in 2015 and as a result of its performance, we have recommended the variety widely for “favourable” areas.  We have found the variety has a fit for both forage maize and biogas production.”  Dr Simon Pope, Crop Protection Manager, Wynnstay Group PLC.

Mid-term varieties

These varieties require moderate to high heat units.  Due to starch content, the total mixed ration can be up to 70% maize silage.  This offers the grower the opportunity to crimp grain as a source of by-pass starch. 
This offers the grower the opportunity to crimp grain as a source of by-pass starch. Harvest window is increased by the slower dry down of this range. The earlier varieties in this range are dual purpose, livestock and biogas.


A very vigorous dual-purpose variety, excellent high dry matter yields, good early vigour and high starch content.

“…group-topping yields in the Great Ellingham trials 2016.  SURIGA and SUSETTA were the two varieties which stood out for me in the trials.  Strong stable plants with large full cobs.”  Craig Green, Agronomist and Seed Sales Coordinator, Agrovista.


Very high dry matter variety, superb performance in independent trials and on farm.

Late variety

Late maize varieties offer the mainstream sites the opportunity to maximise yield per hectare.  Yield can be exploited further with the manipulation of drilling date and seed rate.  This optimises the growing cost per tonne.  High stay-green factor means a prolonged harvest window, easier chop length control and easier storage management.
Higher cellulose content leads to a longer retention time in the anaerobic digester.


Very vigorous dual-purpose variety with an excellent dry matter yield, good early vigour and a high starch content.

Energy maize

Maize has been the backbone of the energy crop sector for many years, with its potential to produce very high yields at a low cost.  However, using a combination of energy crops to balance the rotation improves security of raw material supply and creates a more efficient mix for use in the digester.
The diagram below shows the suitability of energy crops throughout the UK.

Suitability of Energy Crops throughout the UK

Farmers need to select varieties according to drilling times, geographical location and harvest window.

Forage Maize

With the 2015 price slump, the removal of milk quotas and the volatility in beef prices, cost management is as important as ever.  Despite the seasonality of supply and demand, stock still require a consistent feed. Therefore, finding a maize variety that performs well year on year is paramount.
Maize is a palatable feed, but can often be low in protein.  The high dry matter content leads to higher energy intake which, incorporated into a balanced ration, should improve daily performance and feed efficiency.

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