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Elsoms, a leading provider of energy crops for the UK, is inviting visitors to Hybrid rye trial sites across the country via a series of open days from mid-May onwards. These offer a valuable opportunity to view the latest varieties and gain expert advice on growing the crop for anaerobic digestion (AD).

Trial site tours and expert advice for anaerobic digester operators and feedstock growers

Hybrid rye is an increasingly popular choice for AD that combines beneficial performance in the digester with substantial agronomic merit. Elsoms offers consistently high performing varieties for the UK market via partnership with Saaten Union (SU), the market leader for hybrid rye in Germany.  The four events will take place in: Doncaster in partnership with Horsch (15th May); Isle of Wight (17th May); Norfolk in partnership with Agrovista (22nd May) and Peterborough (23rd May).

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Crowland, Lincs, Open Day

Doncaster Open Day

Isle of Wight Open Day

Norfolk Open Day

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to our Hybrid rye trial sites,” said Heather Oldfield, Energy and Forage Manager, Elsoms, “and we are grateful to our partners Horsch and Agrovista for their support with these events. The rye will be growing away well so it will be an ideal time to see the crop. Depending on location we’ll have interesting new varieties on display and rye growing with vetch and alongside triticale, this should give some interesting comparisons to alternative feedstocks. We’ll have experts on hand at all sites to discuss disease resistance, yields, the use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) and all other aspects of optimising growth for AD.”

AD is now a well-established energy generation technology in the UK, routinely used to produce gas and/or electricity, particularly on-farm or for small industrial estates. Unlike other popular feedstocks for AD, such as maize, Hybrid rye can be grown anywhere in the UK and is ideal for light soils.  Easy to ensile - for storage - it offers good synergy with maize in the digester and provides a high value digestate for manure. From a growing perspective, an early harvest time of late June to early July eases sowing of a follow on crop, and Hybrid rye can also help with black grass management.  In recent trials (2016), SU PERFORMER and SU COSSANI proved particularly good varieties for the UK offering a high yield and exceptional cleanliness, respectively. Ongoing partnership between SU and Elsoms is focused on further enhancing performance and continuing the current trend of increasing yield.
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