Cropalyser - analyse your crop!

The Cropalyser App is a practical aid that can be carried in your pocket via your smartphone or kept on your ipad or PC and does not need internet access to operate. It's the perfect tool to help you identify diseases, pests and other disorders in vegetable species. Carrots, cabbage, onions, red beet, chicory and celery/celeriac cropalyser options are currently available on the app and more vegetable crops will soon be added.

  • Cropalyse app - available for download now!

    Cropalyse app - available for download now!

Cropalyser allows users to input information about irregularities in plant species, analyise growth development and recognise symptoms of pest damage or disease.  It also contains a lot of useful information and advice on crop control and the prevention of diseases and pests.  It is free to download and is available from the Apple and Android App Stores.

Growers have been very impressed by the app and those that have downloaded it were surprised at how intuitive, easy to use and informative it is.  Recent feedback by Cropalyser users at the Bejo Open Days in Holland in September was extremely positive.

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