Changing Habits as UK Farmers go Continental!

For years Catch Cropping has been something German and Dutch farmers did, but “didn’t work over here”, was the view of most Arable Famers……but not anymore it would seem, according to Elsoms, Adrian Hayler.

  • Oil Radish Root Structure

    Oil Radish Root Structure

“There are three common factors behind the surge in interest in Catch Crops, “greening,” “black grass” and “soil organic matter”,” commented Adrian. “Our Catch Crop demos at Cereals 2014 attracted massive interest which has now followed through into orders as land is cleared following the early harvest” he added.
“The majority of farmers are looking at a short term 6-8 week catch crop before autumn planting, but with a big increase in late, or spring sown crops, a growing  number are looking at longer term projects with maize growers being particularly attracted by the possibility of double cropping” commented Heather Ayre, Elsoms Sales Manager.
“UK farmers and agronomists have very limited experience of catch cropping with the result that there is a strong demand for solid information about varieties, mixes and uses,” said Bob Miles, Elsoms Agricultural Director. “As the UK agent for Saaten Union, we work in partnership with Catch Crop specialists, PH Petersen – which gives us access to a wealth of technical information and a proven, high performing portfolio of varieties and mixes,” said Bob.

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