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Elsoms Seeds, in association with leading European Breeders, SAATEN UNION, Strube, Caussade Semences and Florimond Desprez, has put together a portfolio of proven “Energy Crop” varieties. These will provide farmers with a range of options to achieve optimum energy yields whilst supporting the performance of other crops in the rotation.

Although the UK “Energy Crop” market has lagged behind countries such as Germany and Holland, the UK has been able to benefit from the experience gained in establishing successful “Energy Crop” markets in these countries. As is often the case with new markets, farmers are confronted by a plethora of often confusing and sometimes contradictory information. Elsoms have worked with our plan breeding partners to select a porfolio of “proven” varieties suitable for the UK market in each Energy Crop sector. Elsoms strong portfolio will enable farmers to concentrate on the rotational model, selecting the balance of energy and field crops that will provide their overall business with the best return.