viterra® Green Manure Catch Crop

Individual catch crops can significantly improve the efficiency and output of an overall rotation. Working closely with farmers and growers, SAATEN UNION'S catch crop specialists at PH PETERSEN have successfully developed a number of specialist mixes that combine different catch crop species to excellent effect in a range of Green Manure blends.




INTENSIV provides all the benefits expected from a multiresistant oil radish but then adds to this the excellent silage and biogas yield potential of Saia Oats. UNIVERSAL is ideal for oilseed rape rotations, combining Saia Oats with the benefit provided by deep rooting Phacelia (instead of Oil Radish) and the nutrient benefits of clover. GRANOPUR is a rapidly growing biomas blend combining rye, Saia Oat and triticale to produce a mix specifically designed to produce a second silage/AD cut following a whole plant silage crop.

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