With six varieties on the AHDB Recommended List for 2018/19, Stephen Smith's successful wheat breeding program is based at Elsoms own plant breeding station in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Stephen joined the company in 2007 bringing with him an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience from his career, initially with PBI Cambridge followed by Advanta and latterly with Cebeco. The innovative new techniques introduced since his arrival have seen a significant strengthening of the wheat variety development programme. 2013 saw a major step forward in Elsoms wheat breeding and marketing programme with the formation of Elsoms Wheat Ltd and the decision by German plant breeder, Saaten Union, to appoint Elsoms as their UK marketing agent.

  • Stephen Smith & Bob Miles at Elsoms Plant Breeding Station

    Stephen Smith & Bob Miles at Elsoms Plant Breeding Station

  • Elsoms Wheat Breeder Stephen Smith Checks a New Variety

    Elsoms Wheat Breeder Stephen Smith Checks a New Variety

  • Harvesting New Varieties

    Harvesting New Varieties

Elsoms Wheat http://www.elsomswheat.com/ was founded in 2013 and is a wheat breeding collaboration between European plant breeders, Nordsaat, Saaten Union Recherche and Elsoms Seeds. The breeding programme draws on genetics and skills from all three companies to breed new varieties of wheat specifically for the UK market’s individual maritime climate. The combination of three strong independent plant breeders provides Elsoms Wheat with the capability to compete on an equal footing to other major breeders in the UK wheat market.

Following the success of Bennington, Dunston, Freiston and Moulton, Elsoms’ two new AHDB Recommended varieties, Elicit and Elation continues the impressive debut for Elsoms Wheat Ltd.  The responsive, innovative and forward-thinking approach from Elsoms Wheat is showing a strong development pipeline of promising new varieties that are already performing well in extensive trials.

As well as developing our Elsoms' own varieties it is the UK agent for conventional and hybrid wheat varieties from German breeder, Saaten Union and also work closely with French breeder, Florimond Desprez.

For more information on Elsoms Wheat wheat varieties, along with the wider Elsoms portfolio, please click the link here and download the Elsoms Agriculture brochure.


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