Elicit Winter Wheat

"For those looking to grow a biscuit wheat, the nabim Group3 list is relatively short, with only six varieties and no new introductions in 2017/18. This classification is described as covering soft varieties for biscuits and cakes that are lower in protein than bread wheats but have good extraction rates and extensible but not elastic gluten. The uks specifi cation is a complementary export quality specifi cation which similarly identifi es grain as suitable for biscuit grists. Access to the export biscuit market is therefore feasible through Group 4 soft wheats such as Bennington, Moulton and Leeds, which all carry the uks rating, while the UK biscuit market is served solely by the nabim Group 3 list. Those looking for new options have recently been struck by the performance of Elicit, a candidate variety generating signifi cant interest. Trials to date suggest that Elicit will have a highly competitive treated yield, somewhere in the region of 104 and, crucially, a robust disease resistance package. Septoria ratings are looking competitive with the group at 6, and yellow and brown rust are 9 and 7 respectively. The key to success will be grain quality but this too is looking promising. Results from nabim, where testing is underway, and the attainment of a uks export rating, will be crucial to commercial success but the variety has already generated signifi cant merchant interest as a standout variety in the candidate lists." By John Benfield , Bartholomews.



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