DUNSTON Winter Wheat

“It’s the combination of Dunston’s inherent disease resistance and untreated yield, that are really driving interest in this variety. As a result of recent introductions to the RLs, there are now plenty of new feed wheats to choose from. Many of our customers stick with a variety for three to four years, providing it performs well, but then want something new. Those currently looking to switch have a somewhat congested market place to contend with but there are exciting new varieties with some valuable benefi ts on offer and we’d certainly put Dunston in that category. Dunston’s Septoria resistance is superb at 6.7, which puts it at the top of the group and untreated yield fi gures are just as compelling. These characteristics make for a low risk choice and greater peace of mind which we’re finding is increasingly important. In addition, Dunston produces high quality grain and a good straw crop. Dunston straw has a reasonable length and excellent stiffness so it produces a safe strong canopy that is resistant to lodging. Interest in Dunston is particularly strong from the western region where the acreage of hard feed wheat is especially high. It is primarily being grown as a fi rst wheat but looks to have a potential as a second wheat too, because of its robust agronomic package. So, all in all, a good addition to the hard feed wheat options.” By Richard Torr, Wynnstay


Enquire about Dunston Variety Leaflet   (802KB)